The Process

Philadelphia Science Center 360 VR Tour

The virtual tour service industry is saturated with cheap 3D cameras. Every tour should be the best, and we go the extra mile to offer you top quality virtual tours. Designing a virtual twin of your property with our process is like creating a walk-through within a walk-through; the navigation is created to simulate and match the Google Maps experience so users can see what it is like to live and work in a property.

Our team creates ultra high-quality 360° photo-panoramas with up to 400+ Megapixels in resolution and carries out professional post-processing and corrections. We develop virtual tours and digital twins which are suitable for any browser, computer, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets.

How it Works

We capture ultra-high-resolution 360 images of locations inside and outside of your business. Each panorama is color corrected and stitched together. The images are then aligned to create a digital twin for customers for a virtually tour.

Branding is then added including matching font and incorporating of your logo at the bottom of each sphere. Image rights are transferred to your organization for use in social media campaigns and your existing web site.

Our virtual tours are supported by virtual reality headsets including:

  • Google Cardboard
  • Oculus
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC Vive

Points of interest

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Virtual Tour of the Science Center

Points of interest can be added to any virtual tour. We can create a virtual 360 tours of any complexity, fitting within your brand including logos and design elements. Embedding interactive elements, such as photos, videos, descriptions, audio descriptions, and sounds can be added to enhance the experience.

Features such as in-image zoom, 3D floor plans, specialized tour transitions, narration, and more can be added to further customized to make the virtual tour fit within your brand.

Virtual Real Estate Tours

For virtual real estate tours, we use top-class hardware with optimized in-camera stitching algorithms for a quicker turnaround. Our team creates high-quality 360° photo-panoramas with up to 30+ Megapixels in resolution and carries out professional post-processing and corrections. As with our other tours and digital twins, virtual real estate tours are suitable for any browser, computer, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets.

There are many benefits of including a digital twin with your listing videos or still images. Videos are not interactive and are straightforward usually include distracting music and awkward pacing. The prospective buyer can’t take control of the movement of the video, whereas they have full control with a virtual tour. Digital twin walkthroughs allow buyers to digitally tour a house on the market. They control which part of the house they look at and from which angle.

Virtual Tour Benefits:

  • A high-definition real view of the home
  • User-controlled navigation
  • Perfect staging
  • Highlights of the home’s best features
  • Integrated imagery

Problems we solve

  • Customers have trouble visualizing the interior of your business with standard photographs
  • Existing images of your business on Google are poor quality, out of date or inaccurate
  • Photos of your business on Google are not panoramic and ranked lower in search engine results
  • Your products, services, and location are unclear to prospective customers browsing on their mobile devices

Secure and Private Hosting 

  • Monthly analytics on page views and visitor geography.
  • Optimized content delivery across North America 
  • Robust infrastructure designed to scale seamlessly during periods of high network utilization

Other Offerings

  • Capture green screen video for inclusion in virtual tour
  • Creation of voice over narration for inclusion in virtual tour
  • Encode and optimize existing video content for inclusion in virtual tour
  • Additional 2D image captures (new or updated)
  • Additional panoramic 360 captures (new or updated)
  • 360 video of all panoramas for YouTube